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What yachties think of the holidays:

It’s the owners’ call. If they wish to spend the holidays on their yachts, then so must we. If not, it can be a bonus for some of the crew to get away.

Working the holidays is what’s expected. If I get time off, I am extra fortunate.

Everything we do is for the owners and guests. Sometimes it would be nice if it was the crew who got recognized.

Most owners only give lip service to caring for their crew’s family and holiday time. Even after years of service, I doubt the owners even remember my son’s name. And always, if they don’t use the yacht, they will ask around to find family or friends to use it through the holidays.

Crew should expect to work weekends and holidays. If they have a problem with this then they need to shift their duties from the deck to the desk. Yachts are weekend/holiday homes and that comes first.

Some jobs require you to work through holidays; ours is one of them.

People (both sides) need to understand that quality time off is an essential part of life. Crew members are human beings also. Surprise.

I’ve been pretty lucky in that most of my jobs have allowed me and my crew at the time to be able to have the holidays off. On the other hand, my girlfriend usually has to work. It is what it is. Understood, when you accept a job, you have to take it for what it is, the workload, pay, time off, etc. We work in an industry that caters to more wealthy people taking their time to enjoy weekends, holiday, etc.

The holidays are just another work day, unfortunately.

Everyone in yachting is used to working holidays. It comes with the territory.

Ours is a job, like the military, that requires us to work year round. We accept the good with the bad as far as time off and holidays and make the best of them wherever we are.

I’m single and not very involved with Christmas, so I’m OK with working the busy times.

If you like celebrating holidays with your family, yachting is not the place to be.

Don’t drink and drive.

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