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Crew get in motion on the ex-Harbour Island


This month we have news of captains and crew taking new positions — one in which an owner moved up, one in which a captain did. It’s great to be able to report the following:

Capt. Dale Smith has taken over the 180-foot (55m) Newcastle M/Y Harbour Island.

Shown in every major boat show for the past year, the new yacht was ready to head to the Antigua show in early December when Smith’s boss of four years bought it.

Renamed M/Y Sovereign, the yacht was in Ft. Lauderdale this winter making the necessary changes.

“The main thing is we’re just letting it rest and letting everyone catch up with the work,” Smith said.

The owner’s most recent yacht was the 130-foot Westport M/Y Sovereign. Smith proudly led a tour of the yacht, showing off the 10-foot ceilings in the main salon, the spacious engine room, nice crew quarters and tender garage. (Funny how a crew publication looks at different things than the glossy magazines, eh?)

“It’s a great platform with great equipment,” Smith said, noting that the jump from the Westport, while just 1.5 times the length, gives the owner three times the volume (less than 300 tons to 1,100 tons). “It’s a lot better boat than people give her credit for.

“It’s a platform to broaden their horizons,” he said. “Now we have the ability to do long ranges that we couldn’t do with the Westport.”

Smith and the owner have kept most of the Harbour Island crew, including First Officer Stephen Burke, the engineering brothers of Kirk (chief) and Fitz (second) Graham, Chief Stew Kelly Miles, Stew Brittny Otto and Deckhand Chris Tingle.

Harbor Island’s former Chef Michael “Martini” Martin has also rejoined the vessel under Smith.
From the Westport, Smith has brought with him Stew Mimi Pettis and Nick Adams, who was promoted to bosun.

Despite the gap in size from the Westport to the Newcastle, Smith said he didn’t have trouble moving up with the boss. He previously ran the 155-foot M/Y Triumphant Lady and has been tested in the simulator for an even larger yacht. While he didn’t get that job, he keeps the evaluation report with his CV and was quickly approved for the bump in size, he said.

The new yacht and her crew will likely head to Nova Scotia this summer to get to know the yacht before planning more trips. We’ll try to keep up with them as they do what all yachties want to do: take the boss and his family on unforgettable holidays.

Capt. Dave Cherington has taken command of the 178-foot (54.7m) M/Y Talisman Maiton, the six-year-old recently refurbished motor yacht built by Proteksan Turquoise.

He writes in that he’s happy to stay with the Burgess family, which is the yacht’s charter manager.
He’s chartering in the Caribbean this winter and will be in the Med for the summer.

“It’s a busy charter boat, and the owner is happy to fit his trips onboard around them,” said Cherington’s wife, Chef Laura, who has recently moved ashore and will not join the yacht as regular crew. “There is talk of the boat heading to Thailand in the next couple years. I’ll happily pack my bags for that one.”

Chef Peter Ziegelmeier has published a cookbook: Dreams of a Yacht Chef: Food for Thought.

More than a cookbook, it offers lots of space to write and alter recipes, and offers cooking tips and methods, cooking guidelines and inspiration to encourage other chefs.

This book is not for the at-home cook. It speaks to professional chefs and more directly to Ziegelmeier’s yachting kin.

Chef Peter is one of the most enthusiastic, high-energy people I have ever met in this industry. I have only seen snippets of the book online (, but if it’s anything like he is, I’m sure it’ll take your breath away.

Chief Stew Elizabeth Anne “Libby” Eddy, who ran for the Florida House of Representatives in November, did not win her seat but she said she’s not done with politics yet.

After crewing on a trip from Florida to Abacos that was turned back due to weather, Eddy said the experience gave her a good first foray into politics.

“People said I did a great job running as a Republican in Broward County, especially since I won 20,500 votes to her 38,000 votes,” she said. “I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from people that want me to run in two years.”

Have you made an adjustment in your latitude recently? Let us know. Send news of your promotion, change of yachts or career, or personal accomplishments to Editor Lucy Chabot Reed at

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