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Triton Today survey in Miami


While yacht crew prepared for the Miami Yacht and Charter show today, we asked a few of them what they would do to celebrate the holiday of love. Most are working today, the first day of the show.

The February Triton survey we found that about 70 percent of respondents said they were in long-term committed relationships. The next largest group of respondents, about 20 percent, do not currently have significant other. About 5 percent are in a relationship, though not yet long-term and about 4.6 percent date more than one person.

So for those yachties with sweeties, we were curious How did you meet that person?
Interestingly, nearly half our lovers met their mates outside of yachting, including several who have been friends since childhood or who met in college, and two who met through online dating Web sites.

Still, a sizable portion — 30.4 percent — met their partners while working on yachts.
The remainder met them through a yachting colleague or yachting job, including yacht racing and industry networking. (Triton networking, perhaps?)

Given that so many couples hooked up outside of yachting, we guess the answers to this next question shouldn’t surprise, but somehow they still do.During your yachting career, have you ever dated a crew mate?

The largest group — 38.3 percent — said no.
Combined with the other “no” response (“not officially or publicly”), more than half our respondents have never dated a crew mate.

I’ve got flowers going to my wife. We’ll talk on the phone and I’m taking her to dinner after the show.”
Capt. Mike McDermott
M/Y Good Times
114-foot Hatteras

“Nothing. Just showing the boat.”

Capt. Mike Walker
M/Y Waterford
110-foot Hatteras
Nothing. Just showing the boat.

“I’m having dinner and a show. My girlfriend’s friend is in a band and having her first gig at a bar in Boca. I’ll probably bring them each a single red rose.”
Bosun Todd Ewing
M/Y My Colors
130-foot Westport

Faithfully working here.”
Capt. Tom Grandinetti
M/Y Showtime
125-foot Broward

“Chamoising. I have two potential jobs that I’m up for, but not until after the show.”
Mate/Eng. Graeme Madsen
M/Y Status Quo
150-foot Richmond

“Probably having a drink at the Island Bar [the cocktail barge at the show].”
Deckhand James Erswell
M/Y Status Quo
150-foot Richmond

I took my wife to see Jimmy Buffett [Feb. 2]. I knew we’d be down here and she’s super busy with school.”
Capt. Rick Lenardson
M/Y Status Quo
150-foot Richmond

“Working, but I’m expecting a package from Colorado.”
Stew Whitney Fair
M/Y Current Issue
91-foot Burger

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