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When you have time off, what is your favorite thing to do?


Survey results

Travel 29%
Sports 29%
Relax 24%
Visit family, friends 17%

With spring break looming and people around the world making plans for summer holidays, we got thinking about time off and wondered how yacht crew spend their at time. I would have guessed they’d want to get as far away from the sea and traveling as possible. Perhaps find mountains or big cities. Maybe just the couch.

Not so much.

Yachties love to travel, which is likely why they got into this industry in the first place. So when they get time off, it’s a pretty good guess they’ll hit the road (or the trail or an airplane).

Equally common is the practice of their favorite sport. Whether it’s golf, surfing or cycling, yachties go exercise.

And then there’s a whole group of crew who just want to stop and rest a while, doing nothing (often on the beach) or catching up with friends and family.

Only one crew admitted that they like to party in their down time. But we’re sure there are more of you out there.

Capt. Marcel DeLorm
M/Y Hope
90-foot Palmer Johnson
“Just sit on the beach, take a minute, decompress. You see it differently when you’re not working.”

Mate FC Lubbe
M/Y Impulsive
82-foot Sunseeker
“Surf. I go home to South Africa, or to Indonesia, Bali. I just did it in December.”

3d Stew Dorianne Munro
Bosun Tiann Liebenberg
Deck/Stew Bianca Franck
Deck/2d Eng. Alan De Bruin
M/Y Remember When
162-foot Christensen
Franck: “When we can get away from the boat, we go out as a group.”
De Bruin: “We live together and when we get time off, we go together as well.”

Chief Eng. Maurice White
M/Y Golden Compass
151-foot Picchiotti
“Depends on how much time off I get. If I have a month, I’ll travel to new places, adventure places, Peru, Macchu Picchu, places like that. It’s my favorite pasttime. It’s why I do this job.”

Eng. Bill Tedcastle
M/Y Aghassi
145-foot Christensen
“Go out on my own boat and go fishing.”

Mate Justin Parkins
M/Y Aghassi
145-foot Christensen
Golf. I’ll golf anywhere. We used to golf after work.”

Deckhand Christopher Horn
M/Y Tranquility
130-foot Hatteras
“I go to the beach. It’s nice to be on the water; it’s better to be in the water.”

Capt. Kay Marschke
M/Y Dancing Milly
92-foot Argos
“I guess I work out. I have an Ironman coming up in June.”

Deckhand Jared Reichbaum
M/Y Diamonds are Forever
201-foot Benetti
“I’m a photographer so I like to travel, to all the places I haven’t been yet.”

Deckhand Jake Keller
M/Y Mary Alice II
130-foot Westport
“I go home and hang out with friends, see the significant other.”

Chief Stew Ashley Chambers
M/Y Mary Alice II
130-foot Westport
“I mostly visit family and friends. I have them scattered across the U.S. It’s more about the people than the place for me.”

Deck/Stew Morgan Sachs
M/Y Blind Date
134-foot Lurssen
“Believe it or not, I go traveling. I like to go camping, in the U.S.”

Mate Carlos Acosta
M/Y Copasetic
141-foot Hite Metals
“I grew up in the mountains and I work on the water; I like to visit cities. I went to Amsterdam last year.”


Data compiled by Lucy Chabot Reed

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