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Guide to being your best before, during and after the party


While party season is in full swing in Fort Lauderdale so is the boat show, which means its time for fun, costumes and drinks but also long hours of work for some crew.

If you have to take off your sunglasses and greet your guests with a genuine smile the next day here is your guide to looking and feeling fresh before, during and after the party is over.

Before the Party:

The better you feel before you go to the party, the less likely you will make yourself sick with alcohol. If you arrive at the party tired, hungry, thirsty or bored, the greater the chance you will drink to change how you feel. The key to not drinking to excess is to feel your best before you go to the party.

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Aim for 2-3 liters if possible.  
  2. Go to bed early the night before and sleep 8-10 hours
  3. Eat healthy, whole foods, low in salt and void of processed chemicals and preservatives throughout the day and have a good size dinner
  4. Get your blood pumping doing something fun outside or going to the gym
  5. Have a plan on how much you’re going to drink and stick to it
  6. Bring something non-alcoholic to drink with you if it helps you stick to your limit
  7. Gather smoothie material and/or coconut water for the next day ‘s breakfast

During the Party

  1. Chose one alcohol that works well with you and stick with it. If you know tequila gin makes you sick, don’t drink it.  Try something lighter and stick with it.  Mixing drinks will make you sicker than anything
  2. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks
  3. Make sure you are feeling good at the party otherwise you will probably drink more.  Are you with people you don’t like very much, is there drama going on?  Are you feeling uncomfortable? If this is the case you want to change your atmosphere so you are feeling good and not drowning your sorrows with booze
  4. Stick with your plan of how much you’ll drink and don’t get to the point of being very drunk if possible
  5. Snack on something healthy mid way through the night if you can

After the Party

  1. Drink a few glasses of water before bed
  2. Get to bed at a reasonable time and make sure your room is cool, dark and quiet so that you can rest soundly

The Next Day

  1. Make sure you’ve slept enough, as this is the number one requirement to heal from the previous nights festivities.  Aim for 8-10 hours of solid sleep.
  2. Drink 500-1000 mls of water as soon as you wake up and continue to drink water throughout the day.  
  3. Instead of coffee (which is very dehydrating) have green tea if you need caffeine or if you can instead have coconut water to rehydrate and replace electrolytes
  4. If you’re feeling good enough, do a light exercise, even if it’s just walking. Getting your blood pumping will help you sweat out any toxins and make your skin look brighter
  5. Have a cold shower. This will brighten your skin and alkalize your blood, which will leave you looking fresh
  6. Have a smoothie for breakfast and eat healthy throughout the day. While the tendency is to eat greasy junk food when feeling tired, it will actually make you more tired by using your body’s energy to digest and deal with food it does not agree with.
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