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Captain sentenced in 2015 Virgin Gorda boating accident


Capt. Stephen Fossi was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter in a 2015 boat crash near Virgin Gorda, BVI and was ordered to pay $45,000 per count, according to the BVI Beacon. Fossi was convicted and sentenced this week and has until Feb. 29 to pay the fine or serve two years in prison.

Kari Way and Howard Anderson died in the accident in which Fossi allegedly was at the helm and wrecked a resort ferry. The two were among a group of about 12 passengers on the 33-foot M/V Inevitable that hit a large rock en route to Oil Nut Bay resort. Capt. Fossi was injured in the crash.

The Beacon reported that in order to declare a sentence, the judge took into account the defendant’s previous good character, no previous accidents or convictions and testimony from former co-workers which described him as a responsible captain. The judge said that Capt. Fossi “was remorseful, and has already suffered from emotional trauma”.

Capt. Fossi was in charge of marine operations at Oil Nut Bay Resort and YCCS Marina at the time of the incident.

To read more details visit BVI Beacon.

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3 thoughts on “Captain sentenced in 2015 Virgin Gorda boating accident

  1. Sue Price

    This makes me so sad for so many reasons. Steve Fossi is a wonderful man and captain. I have known him for years and this was such a horrible accident. I am sad for him, the deceased families and all who were involved. A true tragedy of good crew and people.

  2. Alene

    So sad for this whole incident. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims and of everyone involved and in particular to Captain Steve Fossi for this horrible accident. As Sue Price said, a true tragedy for everyone involved. Accidents can happen anytime to any one of us. Having spent several years living and working in the Virgin Islands before joining yachting, I know that area well.

  3. Capt. George Sloane

    This incident underscores the responsibilities and liabilities involved in being a Captain. It’s more than just a piece of paper. The responsibilities are real, the consequences are real. I do not know Capt Fossi but apparently he was by all accounts a responsible person, however, all of that only played apart when considering the sentence. It’s kind of like the ship pilot in San Francisco who was sentence to jail for causing an oil spill that killed or endangered birds. You never know what’s around the corner. This should be a wakeup call to all Captains.

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