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Publisher role a new challenge for Triton’s founding editor


This month, The Triton sets off on its 13th year. Since its inception in 2004, I have been the editor, bringing it to life and feeding it with only the most professional and truthful news we could find.

I have been a reporter and editor my entire adult life. I’ve always been a good listener, and through practice I learned how to research all sides of an issue and to tell people’s stories with dignity and respect. Doing so for The Triton has been the most rewarding journalism I have ever done.

While being a journalist can be all consuming, it’s just one side of a newspaper. It is also a business, and its main source of revenue comes from advertising. To survive, newspapers must serve their advertisers, too. Until now, that side of our newspaper was honorably run by my partner, David Reed. Under his leadership — and because he trusted me enough to run the newsroom without any influence from advertisers or causes — The Triton brand has evolved into what we now are.

This month, I take over as publisher of The Triton, a role that is as new to me as any, even though I have been an owner all these years. It is filled with advertising and circulation, budgets and goals, all things I never had to worry about when I was scribbling notes as captains and crew told me their stories.

I’m excited and nervous, knowing I will be a different publisher than David was, but hoping that I will be just as strong. I look forward to working more closely with the companies that make the industry tick. I’ve even been trusted with a few bits of news that aren’t yet fit for print.

Though I have stepped only a few paces down the hall to a new desk, I feel as though I have entered a new world. And perhaps I have. But walking around the Palm Beach boat show recently made me realize that I am still The Triton, regardless of my title.

Lucy Chabot Reed is publisher and founding editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome at

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Lucy Chabot Reed is publisher and founding editor of The Triton.

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3 thoughts on “Publisher role a new challenge for Triton’s founding editor

  1. Phyllis

    Lucy Reed, you’ll be awesome! The triton will advance even further under your guidance! You go girl!

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