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Chefs compete in heart healthy, Paleo, vegan, vegetarian themes

The Triton can’t wait to find out which chef will be crowned Best Charter Yacht Chef at the Newport Charter Yacht Show. Good luck to Chef Frida Eklund of S/Y Jupiter, Chef Cayley Colbourn of M/Y Bandido, Chef Nelis Muller of M/Y Zoom Zoom Zoom, Chef Mike Nichols of M/Y Loose Ends and Chef Christy Dempster of M/Y Reflections.

The chefs’ dishes were judged 40 percent on taste, 35 percent on presentation on the dish, 10 percent for creativity and originality, 10 percent on use of ingredients, and 5 percent on presentation at the table. Each chef drew for the theme and ended up with making a dish that was heart healthy, vegetarian, vegan or Paleo.

The judges this year were Bruce Newbury, food broadcaster for WADK, TJ Orr, engineer with Marine Coatings and Allen Ferreira, head chef at Belle’s Cafe.

Chef Craig Rosado of M/Y Siete said he that when he picked the vegan theme, he looked straight ahead and said “We are not afraid.

“It’s really just honing in on the basics,” said Rosado, whose family had a farm in Georgia so he remembers summers with fresh fruits and vegetables. “We just go back to basics of cooking and use the freshness of the product to carry the dish.”

After a career in corporate restaurants, Rosado joined yachting three years ago and loves the change.

“I find that the art I can do in yachting is very refreshing,” he said as he julienned mushrooms for his gazpacho.

Chef Mike Nichols of M/Y Loose Ends presented mushrooms prepared three ways over a cooked and glazed beet puree’. He prepared pickled, grilled, and tempura fried mushrooms to present on top of the pureed beets. He added thin slices of radishes and edible flowers.

The champion will be announced on Thursday.

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