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Triton Survey: Comments on social media


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What are trends you are noticing with social media posts and use in the yachting industry?

  • People are more concerned about their phone, what’s going on social media than actually doing their job.
  • You get one warning, and then you’re asked to leave the boat.
  • A lack of awareness on how their posts may be perceived.
  • Lots of really stupid people posting stuff they will likely regret some day.
  • It is getting used more and more just as it is in other industries.
  • Some post too much and too often. Time to hang up the phones.
  • I like that yacht crew are using the medium for connecting. I do not like being spammed with advertisements from vendors via social media.
  • Millennials, along with being generally useless, are not able to function without constant social media= contact. I have been forced to order some crew members to not have their devices available during work hours. This is not the general policy, only for those who abuse device usage. The idiotic posts people will submit have caused me and many of my cohorts to not hire them. I cannot urge social media users enough to be aware of their online presence. Use your brain…or we will find someone else who does.
  • Too much reliance on their phones and the need to be instantly connected except when I need to get ahold of them and magically their phone is non-existent or they “didn’t get my message?” Really?
  • Young people have no idea how often they are passed up for positions because of the photos they post. I advise crew quite often to remove excessively harsh party photos.
  • The most common theme that I see, about the crew relaxing.
  • Lots of crew positions, pics of ports, fishing , and marine info.
  • Social media is the new social disease. Call it syphilis and I abstain.
  • That people post things they shouldn’t and wouldn’t anywhere else. They fail to learn from the news and how people get in trouble or lose their jobs due to posts. Facebook is the downfall of society.
  • Takes up too much of the crew members’ time when they should be on their knees scrubbing decks and heads.
  • People are stupid and desperate, both the newbies and a lot of the seasoned hands.
  • They are using nicknames in an attempt to hide their account.
  • There is a lot of misinformation about yachts,owners, etc.
  • I believe groups within the industry are increasing. I believe this will allow for more social interaction in marinas with other similarly minded/activity crew members.
  • Facebook seems to be used as a platform to find out who is in your immediate area. “Just got into Harbour Island, who’s around?”

Suzette Cook is editor of The Triton. Comments on this survey are welcome at

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