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Condolences for the people of Nice after attack


The Triton offers thoughts and prayers for the people of in Nice, France after 84 people were killed last night (July 14) when a man drove a truck into a crowd at Bastille Day fireworks. More than 100 people were also injured.

ISSGMT Global Marine Travel in Ft. Lauderdale helps mariners with travel around the world and has many connections in the Nice area.

Marlo Jones, executive assistant with the company talked with president Tim Davey this morning.

“Tim said everyone we have assisted with flights to that area and everyone we have worked with is safe,” Jones said.

Coralyn Tracey, MYBA general secretary in France, awoke to the news this morning.

“I am devastated, but none of us has been touched personally,” Tracey said. “I just cried, so many people will be affected by this tragedy.

“I checked with my team this morning and everyone is ok, so far,” Tracey said. “They are bringing in more police and increasing safety procedures and I imagine the same will be for the Nice Airport.”

The Triton is standing by to help and will share updates from yacht crew and businesses affected by the tragedy.

Please call +1 954-525-0029, email to or post on and



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