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Power of intention, persistence guide the process of change


I have really enjoyed the 30 years I’ve spent as a captain. That lifestyle has brought me to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet, and I got paid to be there. I also have really enjoyed my work over the past seven years as a coach. It feels quite rewarding to be able to co-create with someone and observe the positive changes that manifest. Cool stuff for sure.

Making changes, permanent changes aren’t easy, but there are tools to get the job done. I’d like to share a few of them.

The power of intention is something to be aware of for making changes. Let me just state right off that this can be tricky stuff. All three tools I’m going to share with you can be sabotaged by over thinking and ego-driven actions. So a clear, simple, unwavering mindset is basically what we’re after.

Most every living thing in our world works through and with intention. Acorns become oak trees. Apple seeds don’t become orange trees. The animal kingdom doesn’t question the path they are on. With the more developed brains we can get ourselves tied up in knots and stuck in over analysis on a regular basis.

But if you will believe in the power of calling forth energies from this universe, you can steadfastly align with an intention and, by using the next two tools I’m going to mention, watch it come to be. Perhaps you’ve already experienced it (and didn’t think about it). I know I have.

Another tool for making changes is the power of allowing. Here is where we can mess up and put the brakes on our intentions. It gets difficult to align with our intentions and our desires when we put out conflicting thoughts and energy that gets in the way of allowing.

I know this is a tough one, but really important in the art of change and manifesting what we want. Rather than put out to our intention that we want more money or don’t have enough of anything, think about what it is you want to create. Ask “what” questions instead of “why” questions. As in, what do I need to do right now to feel better? Rather than, why is this happening to me? Energy flows through the path of least resistance so thoughts of “why me?” and “this is never going to work” start to block our ability to allow.

Think about how the self-talk is steering things. Is it helping to allow and move forward, or is it blocking? We can tap into allowing by developing and believing in a knowing. With change, if we operate from knowing we will be fine as things unfold, we facilitate allowing things to be fine.

After tapping into intention and allowing, we must be persistent.

Often, manifesting permanent changes in our lives takes time. We may try to change ingrained habits, for instance. New neural pathways can be developed in our brains but it can take time and persistence. The old habits, the old pathways, are still there, and it takes some time to learn not to go down those old roads.

Thoughts and feelings will come up, but we have the power to recognize them and put them in the back seat. There are new thoughts and habits captaining the ship now, and they will not stand for a mutiny.

Awareness — the ability to catch ourselves when we see we are working against ourselves — is key, and if we work with this awareness persistently, permanent changes become much less daunting and way more interesting and fun.

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken to quite a few folks in the yachting industry who are contemplating change. If you find yourself in that place, I hoped this helps. Cheers mates, and remember, everything is fine and everything is going to be fine.

Enjoy the voyage.

Capt. Rob Gannon is a 30-year licensed captain and certified life and wellness coach. Contact him through at

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