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Triton Survey What was the last course you took?


Triton Survey
What was the last course you took?
Yacht crew seem to be continually taking courses to stay compliant, advance in their career or just add to the safety onboard. On opening day, we took to the docks to find out which courses crew have taken recently and how they felt about them. PHOTOS/DORIE COX

Deck/Stew Amy Hubbarth
“I enjoyed Powerboat level 2, all the basics and docking. I haven’t been behind the wheel; I’m used to a tiller. I want to learn everything about the boat.”
Stew Tehane Brady
“It felt good to learn the information [in the 100-ton masters course]. I was one of the only girls and I aced the test. I was surprised how many shipyard and container-ship people were in the class.”
Capt. Errol Mustor
M/Y Nita K
124′ Delta
“I just redid the STCW. It’s good to do a refresher. Now I’m busy with OOW. It’s a pain but we have to. The industry has more people that are new with qualifications but not the experience.”
Deckhand Kyle Farrington
M/Y Twilight
118′ Burger
“I’ve just done STCW, VHF, powerboat and AEC, the approved engineer course. It was really good, and I absolutely want to be an engineer.”
Deckhand Mandy Turnbull
M/Y Sharon Lee
112′ Westport
“STCW. I enjoyed the pool, and I like the team aspect. That’s what this is all about with crew onboard. It helps with trust. It was money well spent.”
Capt. Bill Hudek
M/Y Sharon Lee
112′ Westport
“GMDSS. I think they may make it obsolete at some point, but it’s good to learn single-side band and other equipment, even though we don’t have it. I was on a boat with the equipment, but we didn’t use it.”
First Mate Matt Healy
M/Y Sharon Lee
112′ Westport
“I got my USCG 200-ton Masters. The technical information helps with everything I do. I am career-minded but you have to be on-the-job smart. They drilled on plotting, which is extremely important. I love to chart a course. I mean, what if something goes wrong?”
Capt. Evan Calleia
M/Y Lady Pegasus
100′ Cheoy Lee
“Advanced firefighter refresher. It was good, makes you think of things you’ve forgotten. I’m glad I went. Next week is ECDIS, even though we’ve been using it for a year.”
Capt. Johnny Rogers
M/Y 007
80′ Sunseeker
“I upgraded to my 200-ton; next is STCW upgrade. But I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I’m old school, before GPS. I got my first license in 1976 when it cost about $200.”
Chef Noel Nugent
M/Y Namoh
125′ Cheoy Lee
“Just took the new maritime security awareness course. I did learn some things, like not to tell who is onboard. I would say it was worthwhile, especially good for new crew.”
Stew Raquel Stover
M/Y Cheers 46
140′ Benetti
“I like the STCW; I learned a lot. The fire is a little much, but I feel much better with the information. I want to do my tender driving course. I plan to be a deckhand.”
Bosun Sean Mitchell
M/Y Cheers 46
140′ Benetti
“Yachtmaster Ocean. I think things like celestial are good to know in the long-run, but a lot of boats don’t have a sextant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted OOW because of the cost.”
Capt. Paul Clarke
M/Y Sweet Escapes
130′ Christensen
“I’m in the middle of my master modules for MCA 3000-ton. The boat show’s thrown a wrench into it. Next Friday is the stability test, then orals, which are totally terrifying. It’s about nine weeks. It’s expensive but worth it.”
Deckhand Estefanie Polaneck
M/Y Renaissance
116′ Hargrave
“I loved firefighting (STCW). It was exciting and challenging because I’m just a little claustrophobic. I totally feel better as crew all have the same knowledge and we can trust each other. I took the security awareness because I want to do deck. Next year is powerboat.”
First Mate Bryan Matthews
“I did the 100-ton and I’m about to do the upgrade to 200. I want to start running boats. I felt some was not applicable and doesn’t specifically address needs on a yacht, but most does. The rules were the best, but the hardest to pass.”
Deckhand Ryan Hellwig
M/Y A’ Salute’
100′ Westport
“I took vessel security; the instructor was very knowledgeable. He gave great examples with the theories. I think it really opened my options.”
Stew/Deck Hannah Petersen
M/Y A’ Salute’
100′ Westport
“Security Awareness. It’s things you need to know. I’m on watch so I need to do it for doing my rounds. When we’re under way, it’s most important. And the most scary.”
2d Eng. Miles Thurlow
Doing daywork
“STCW and Deckhand, which was good with the mock rescue. Plus VHF and Marshall Island proficiency in security. STCW was too long on fire, and I’ve done first aid so many times. But it is a good refresher. The liferaft and vessel security was interesting.”

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