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Colombia Nautica: International Nautical Congress of Colombia

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Date(s) - Apr 27, 2016 - Apr 29, 2016
All Day


Colombia Nautica
To introduce Colombia as an emerging boating market, and showcase its future potential and opportunity for the global marine industry.

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Who Should Attend
Marine industry association members and representatives
Boat Builders
Dock and Equipment Manufacturers
Colombian Boat and Luxury Item Dealers
Marina Engineers, Consultants, Designers and Planners
Maritime Attorneys, Insurance Representatives
Boat Accessory Manufacturers and Distributors
Yacht and Charter Brokers
Government Personnel
Tourist Agents


Thursday, April 28th

Thom Dammrich, President, National Marine Manufacturers Association
Thom Dammrich assumed the role of president with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in November 1999, and has over 35 years of association management experience. The NMMA is the largest trade association for recreational boating in the world.

Since taking the helm fifteen years ago, Dammrich has helped NMMA increase its membership upwards of 30 percent. Today, the association represents more than 1,550 members that produce 80 percent of the recreational boating products currently sold in North America. Under his leadership, NMMA has bolstered industry advocacy at both the state and federal level as well as expanded industry and consumer-related research, and statistics efforts.

Antonella Farah, Executive Director, AsoNautica de Colombia:
Antonella Farah is credited with leading the efforts to establish the nautical trade association (AsoNautica) for Colombia in 2015. AsoNautica is Colombia’s first official industry association devoted to recreational boating.

Farah brings with her a wealth of experience that includes Director for the Regional Commission for Competitiveness for Cartagena and the Department of Bolivar and Coordinator for the first Nautical Tourist Guide for Colombia. She is considered the foremost leader and promoter for Colombia’s growing nautical sector and works closely with senior level government officials to develop effective policies and procedures to promote the growth of our industry in Colombia.

Why Colombia – Why Now?
Colombia has a lot to boast about: It’s the fourth largest economy in Latin America, and has fast become a free market economy, with major commercial and investment ties to the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America with 13 Free Trade Agreements. With its strong political stability, a growing middle class, and a vastly improved safety and security situation, Colombia is undergoing an economic boom that’s set to continue. Learn about Colombia now and its goals for the near future, from its GDP growth of 4.7 percent per year over the past decade, to its strong government support of foreign investment, to its access to 3,200 km of pristine coastline.

Let Me Introduce You To Colombia: A Captain’s Journey
In 2012 Colombia was crowned the Happiest Country in the World. A poll by WIN/Gallup International Association revealed that individuals in the South American country felt the happiest and by almost double the global average index.

Colombia has a lot to be happy about, but it’s a country that’s often misunderstood by many! Our presenter will take you on a nautical journey through Colombia as he introduces you to a country abound with magnificent coastlines and waterways, spectacular vistas, and historical landmarks and discusses the infrastructure, resources and services he experienced while boating throughout Colombia.

Discussion of Safety & Security: What We Were Then – Where We Are Now!
Drug culture stereotypes should be swept aside before visiting Colombia. Today’s Colombia is much more than the ugly Escobar legacy. This country of past conflict and cartels has been replaced by a rejuvenated forward thinking population and a resilient culture that refuses to be bogged down by the dark days. Our speaker will talk about the Colombian government’s efforts to keep their country and it inhabitants and visitors safe. He will bring us up to date on the recent Peace Talks, and the government’s plans for the future prosperity of Colombia and will also give us an overview of DIMAR’s procedures in place to keep the waters surrounding Colombia safe for boating and commercial shipping.

Session 1: Top 10 Things To Know When Doing Business In Colombia:
Whatever you need to run your business, whether it’s dealing with IP considerations, cultural differences, getting electricity, setting up credit, paying taxes, trading across borders, labor laws, or enforcing contracts, knowing the local territory is a must. Join us as we walk you through the processes of doing business in Colombia and what you need to do to get your business up and running.

Session 2: Colombia as a Charter Destination / Fractional Ownership and Boat Club Opportunities:
Defraying cost when buying a yacht isn’t a new idea; some boaters simply choose to charter instead of making a purchase With its 3,200 km of coastline, two coasts, and an abundance of spectacular scenery and history, Colombia is a goldmine for Charter Destination potential.

Another option that’s gathered steam over the past few years is fractional ownership.

Learn about the lure and potential of Colombia as a market for charter destination, fractional ownership and boat club opportunities.

Session 3: More than a Caribbean Coastline: Discovering the hidden gems of Colombia’s interior waterways and Pacific Coast
Colombia has a treasure trove of inland waterways and coastline that remain underutilized. These bodies of water offer exceptional opportunity for watersports, fishing and general boating. Our presenter is no stranger to these waters, and will take us on an exploratory journey of the areas showing the most promise for growth.

Session 1: Preparing Colombia for Nautical Tourism
Providing acceptable berthing facilities requires a complex blend of planning, top-notch service, design and technology. Learn how to provide the all-important operational and support services.

Session 2: The Secrets of a Successful Boat Dealership:
Your dealership is your door to success. Having the right people, the correct floor layout, and an efficient and effective business model will all help you succeed. However these things take strategic planning, thought, commitment and dedication to excellence if you are to succeed. These topics and more will be discussed as we talk about what it takes to run a successful boat dealership.

Session 3: Attracting and Training the Right People for your Business:
Having the right people run your business is imperative if you want to succeed. There is no one-size-fits-all, and it’s important that you choose and train the right people for the various positions in your business, from leadership, skills, workforce development, job estimating, project management, boatyard maintenance etc. Having a skilled, and balanced workforce will assure your Colombian based business is poised for future growth and profitability.

Understanding the Needs of the Colombian Marine Market:
Understanding the nuances of any market is the first step to success. To thrive, business owners interested in capitalizing on Colombia’s emerging opportunities must delve deep into research on selling trends, cultural considerations, usage habits, future demand forecasting, analysis of services, equipment, demographics, etc.

A Drone’s View of Marina Development in Colombia:
Recently, more than a dozen new marina projects have been submitted for evaluation to DIMAR. Take a visual tour of existing and planned marina projects throughout Colombia, including the new development projects which are currently working their way through the process towards development.

Panel Discussion on Establishing a Marina: Procedures, Rules and Regulations
Recently, DIMAR, the Colombian maritime authority has streamlined the permitting process for new marina development and expansion. This session will get into the nuts and bolts of establishing a marina from the ground up. Our panel of experts will talk about Permitting and Environmental Regulations and challenges. They will walk us through the various processes of development regimes from liability and insurance systems, certification, permitting, building codes and regulations as they relate to marina development in Colombia.

Developing an Action Plan for Colombia’s Nautical Future: Where to from here?
Wrap up discussion with international and domestic attendees to determine next steps for keeping the momentum going. This session will be an open forum.

Marina Hop Tour (Chiva Nautica) (additional fees apply and separate registration required)
This 2 hour activity requires separate registration, and additional fees apply. Join your fellow colleagues for an on-water tour of Cartagena’s existing marinas on a “Chiva Nautica”. Enjoy cold refreshments and cocktails while navigating Cartagena’s Bay, networking with fellow conference attendees and learning about the existing marina infrastructure currently available in Cartagena.

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