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Date(s) - May 4, 2016
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The Triton invites captains, crew and industry professionals for cool monthly networking on the first Wednesday in May. V-Kool of Florida hosts the May 4 event from 6-8 p.m. in Ft. Lauderdale. Bring business cards to optimize your connections, no RSVP required.

Until then learn more from V-Kool of Florida owner Scott Frischhertz.

Just what is V-Kool?

V-Kool is a clear window film which rejects more heat than conventional tint. V-Kool is the only infrared reflecting film on the market. All other films absorb infrared. The V in V-Kool came from the angle that is formed when the sun’s infrared rays bounce off of the film.

How did you get into the business?

I am a former captain and met the owner of V-Kool on a charter in 2003. After he explained the film to me, I purchased a roll and installed the first piece of film on the boat I was running, M/Y Carib Queen.

Does V-Kool interfere with night vision?

V-Kool does not contain any dye which is found in tint. The function is to only filter out infrared rays and allow visible light to pass through. As a result, it will not darken the room. The product was named “One of the top 10 inventions of the millennium by Popular Science Magazine”.

How has business been over the last year?

I’ve found that V-Kool is starting to saturate the local yacht market. When I walk down the docks, I notice the number of boats that have already have V-Kool, we have completed more than 900 yachts. V-Kool carries a five year warranty in a marine application, however there are boats that have been treated over 10 years ago and the film is still going strong. The only way for the film to fail is direct exposure to salt water (i.e. a leaking window) or damage from impact or sanding.

How does a captain best explain V-Kool to the owner?

There are many benefits that affect the bottom line for the yacht.

  • Yachts will see a 55-percent reduction in heat gain at the glass which results in a cooler dashboard. We have seen dashboard temperatures reduced as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most mid-sized to large vessels have a chill water loop system. By keeping any part of the boat cooler, helps keep the loop cooler.
  • European-made yachts have air conditioning systems designed for use in much cooler water temperatures.  When these yachts arrive in the warm waters of Florida, The Bahamas and Caribbean, the A/C systems struggle to keep the boat cool. Reducing the heat gain at the glass greatly helps the system perform more efficiently.
  • Stops fading of bright work and fabrics.
  • Lowers the overall power consumption of the vessel which relates to considerable amounts of money especially in the Bahamas and Caribbean where power is more than double of that in the States.

You’re on the docks often, what do you hear about V-Kool?

I recently went aboard a Millennium built yacht which had recently sold. The owner requested a price to treat the entire boat. While measuring the pilot house, I noticed that there was existing film on the glass and after testing it, I determined that it was V-Kool. In our database I found that we had installed V-Kool only in the bridge in January of 2009. The film still looked great. The new owner was happy to hear the news and is proceeding with V-Kool throughout the rest of the boat.

Are there other companies selling V-Kool in South Florida?

My company, “V-Kool of Florida” is the only authorized dealer for V-Kool in South Florida. There have been other tint companies claiming to sell V-Kool however they are using a cheap knock off. The owner or captain should give us a call if they have any questions.

You’ve been hosting this event for a couple years now and you always have crayfish. Why crayfish?

I’m originally from New Orleans where crayfish parties are common place this time of year. When you’re standing around a table with a bunch of strangers eating crayfish, you can’t help but strike up a conversation.
The networking event is Wednesday, May 4th behind the V-Kool office located at 1304 SW 1st Ave., one block north of Tap 42 Bar and Grill in Ft. Lauderdale (33315). Visit for more details.

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