Rest of Florida, Caribbean not so lucky

Oct 1, 2004 by Lucy Chabot Reed

While Ft. Lauderdale was spared much damage from hurricanes so far this year, other parts of Florida and the Caribbean were not so lucky.

Marinas along Florida’s Treasure Coast in places such as Stuart and Ft. Pierce were completely destroyed by Frances and then punished again by Jeanne three weeks later.

The Vero Beach Press Journal reported that the Fort Pierce City Marina, one of the largest facilities in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties, lost more than 65 percent of its 240 floating and fixed dock spaces during Frances. 

It was unclear how it fared under Jeanne. 

“All I can tell you right now is the industry was pretty well devastated,” Vera Locke, executive director of the Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast, told the paper. 

Capt. John Dial of Stuart Harbor said his wooden docks, as well as the docks at nearby Allied Marine, were completely destroyed by Frances.

Word from the Caribbean was harder to obtain, as power and phones were blown out in several of the islands hit. Some reports indicate Granada, Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands were severely damaged by Charley and Ivan, while the Bahamas were thrashed by Frances and Jeanne.

The Web site posted messages from islands around the Caribbean as the storms blew in. To read more, visit the site and click on the left side for info about that storm. Scroll down for direct reports from the islands affected.

Despite widespread damage to Jamaica during Ivan, The Marina at Port Antonio reportedly withstood 100-mph winds.

“Its back to normal with just limited vegetation damage,” said John Louis, regional manager of Westrec, which manages the marina. “Navy Island shields the harbor from the north and creates a protected environment, even during a storm like hurricane Ivan.”


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