ALGAE-X creates fuel polishing system

Sep 27, 2012 by Guest Writer

ALGAE-X International (AXI) announced the SMART FPS compact fuel polishing system. SMART FPS compact stabilizes fuel, removes water, sludge and contaminants from diesel fuel to prevent clogged filters, reduce smoke and emissions, reduce downtime and extend fuel injection and engine service life.

“The SMART FPS Compact uses AXI’s ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner to optimize fuel for peak engine performance, greater reliability and less pollution. Its small footprint of only 10-by-7 inches makes the SMART FPS Compact Fuel Polishing System the ideal solution when space is a commodity, ” said Wout Lisseveld, AXI’s CEO.
SMART FPS compact fuel polishing system is recommended where fuel quality may contain water, sediment and microbes. It optimizes fuel at 80 gallons per hour, with particulate filtration as fine as 10-microns.

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