Chart companies offer nav options

Sep 27, 2012 by Guest Writer

ChartCo, Jeppesen and KH Charts announced a method of updating official ENCs from Jeppesen via the ChartCo Select service. Through a tripartite arrangement, KH Charts will also provide Jeppesen customers with paper products. The partnership allows the transfer of Jeppesen ENC data and updates to vessels through ChartCo technology for automatically updated ENC data from Jeppesen in SENC or S-63 format. KH Charts offers paper charts and publications to Jeppesen customers to provide a complete navigational solution.

“Navigators will have access to all required navigational data through one source,” said  Paul Elgar, Jeppesen OEM strategic business manager. “By combining the most up-to-date electronic and printed chart data and bringing it to mariners through the industry’s most trusted delivery source, this best-of-all-worlds partnership will eliminate obstacles and hassles commonly associated with chart compliance.”
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