Man Paddles Kayak to Monaco

Sep 22, 2012 by Lucy Chabot Reed

Sometimes news from the show is more about people than technology.

Chris Allix of Dominion Marine paddled to the Monaco Yacht Show in a 17-foot kayak from Isle of Man.

It took him three months – and cost him five stone (about 70 pounds) – but he arrived Wednesday morning.

“My doctor told me I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I was borderline Type II diabetes,” Allix said. “I could either go on medication for the rest of my life or lose weight. I don’t like running so I thought I’d do this.”

Think about it. That journey took him across the Irish Sea, through the canals to Oxford, down the Thames before it closed for the Olympics in July, into the estuary to Dover, across the English Channel (well, halfway across as the French wouldn’t let him enter; he paddled back and considers it crossed), down canals to Soane, then the Rhone to Marseilles and out into the Mediterranean Sea, around Cap d’Ail and into Monaco.

“It was such an insane project that most people didn’t think I’d achieve it,” he said, his voice a little hoarse from telling the story so many times.

He hoped to raise $50,000 for several charities back home, but he’s only gotten about 15 percent of that. He’s still accepting donations; learn more on his Web site or his Facebook page: ManToMonaco, or visit booth QP2.

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