Yacht show yachts tend to stay in the Med

Sep 25, 2012 by Guest Writer

As the size of megayachts at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show continued to grow — there were at least six more yachts larger than 50m than last year — about half continue to stay close to home for the winter, setting up for maintenance periods along the Mediterranean, heading to shipyards in Holland and Turkey for warranty work, or getting a nice comfy slip in some of the area’s huge, modern marinas.

Fifty-five percent of the yachts we interviewed — 78 of the roughly 100 yachts in the show — are staying in the Mediterranean, most in the western Med (47 percent), including Palma, Antibes, Genoa and Imperia. About 8 percent are heading to the eastern Med, including Greece and Turkey.
Thirty percent of the yachts in the show are crossing the Atlantic. More than a third are going straight to the Caribbean, and an equal amount (nine yachts) are stopping in Florida on their way to the Caribbean. About 8 percent (six yachts) are coming to Florida for the entire winter.
Almost 12 percent of the yachts in the show were unsure where they were heading this winter.
One yacht was heading for transport to Thailand, and one yacht was heading to Holland.