Intec Marine Shipyard uses environmental processes

Oct 10, 2012 by Guest Writer

Intec Marine Shipyard is constructing a new facility using new environmental processes and lower energy consumption. The goal is a low-energy construction process using wind energy through wind turbines on the roof and solar energy via solar collectors. The building will be heated by geothermal power and generates energy from biomass.

The company strives for optimal sustainability and uses unique features in its yachts including the propulsion system and the energy generation system. Intec Marine yachts feature VOID Inline Propulsor (for cruising) or a VOID Linear Jet (for fast sailing yachts).

Systems are generators that require periodic maintenance, and are smaller than main engines in diesel-powered systems. The systems usually use one generator to cruise and charge the batteries.

The energy is generated by diesel electrical system, several wind turbines, solar collectors and a hydrogen-based fuel cell. Decks are made of Esthec, a composite material and the yard antifouling which is less harmful to the environment and the drinking water pump and fuel pump are powered by air pressure.