Anonymity is the cowardly way to complain

Nov 28, 2012 by Guest Writer

I have just finished reading the latest copy of The Triton in our crew mess. To my surprise, l saw a picture of a young stew assisting a crew member in dressing in his fire suit next to a letter by Mr. “Name withheld”.

By allowing names to be withheld, isn’t your paper inviting people to make silly statements and comments in the knowledge they can hide behind a withheld name? In forcing people to name themselves and be accountable, then maybe they would think a little more before typing.

l was the person organizing this session when the picture was taken on the aft deck of M/Y Phoenix at the IYCA in 2009 at the end of the summer season.

The author of the letter neither knows the context the picture was taken in, what l was trying to achieve with the exercise, nor what preceded and followed it.

Is the person who wrote the letter so desperate to get his words in your paper that he will resort to writing utter dribble?

Instead of trying to find fault in his own little Where’s Wally? game, he should be applauding that people do carry out drills. Nobody is silly enough to think drills are carried out on every boat at the required intervals, and that when they are, they are perfect.

I would hazard a guess that the author of the letter who stopped short of public-ally putting himself on the pedestal is a perfect captain who runs his yacht faultlessly, with never an issue, oversight or mistake. He should have named himself so we can all aspire to be like him (or her) or even endeavour to work for them and learn more.

Please feel free to pass my e-mail over to the unnamed individual or even publish it as l put my name to my views and stand by what l say and do.

First Officer Mike Rouse
M/Y Kahalani