Eye of the Idol Chicken recipe is from Gilligan’s Island

Nov 13, 2012 by Capt. John Wampler

As a child of the 1960s, I grew up watching Gilligan’s Island on television. And, like millions of pre-pubescent boys, I was more of a Mary Ann fan than a Ginger fan. It wouldn’t be until years later that I found out that my mother, Joyce, is sorority sister of Dawn Wells who played the part of Mary Ann Summers. They both attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.


A few years ago, my mother was hosting a Gilligan’s Island theme party in Seattle, which Dawn Wells attended. Ms. Wells had published the Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cookbook and thanks to my mother, I have an autographed copy from which this recipe comes from.

“Eye of the Idol Chicken”


2 large whole skinless chicken breasts, split

Salt and pepper to taste
¼ cup margarine
½ cup water
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
1 six ounce can of orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 bay leaf
1 lime, juiced
2 firm, nearly ripe bananas, thinly sliced
½ cup lightly salted cashews, finely chopped

Season chicken with salt and pepper. In a skillet, melt margarine and brown the chicken on both sides over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and add water, salt, pepper, orange juice concentrate and bay leaf. Bring the sauce to a low boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, turning once, or until chicken is done.


Remove the chicken and keep warm. Cook the liquid over high heat, stirring constantly for 6 minutes. Stir in the lime juice, add banana slices and heat gently. Remove bay leaf. Arrange chicken on a bed of rice. Sprinkle with cashews and pour the sauce over the top. Serves four.

Capt. John Wampler has worked on yachts big and small for more than 25 years. He’s created a repertoire of quick, tasty meals for crew to prepare for themselves to give the chef a break. Contact him through www.yachtaide.com. Comments on this column are welcome at editorial@the-triton.com.