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Triton survey: Have you ever lost anything overboard?


Every crew member we spoke to lost something overboard. Top of the list were sunglasses and personal items such as cell phones and hats.
Crew lost chamois cloths and Sherhold poles, or pillows and cushions. They also lost equipment, such as VHF radios and Leathermans.
But there were also odd things, like the crew who forgot to secure the grill and watched their steaks slide into the sea or the guests who lose their dentures throwing up overboard.
And we’re protecting the identity of one captain who admitted to “losing” an old treadmill overboard. Let’s hope it’s become a reef.
– Lucy Chabot Reed and Tom Serio

Eng. Shaun Brown
M/Y Ellix Too
155-foot ISA
Sunglasses, three pairs. And I’m an engineer so I shouldn’t be out there. That’s my luck.

Capt. Craig Cannon
M/Y Scott Free
120-foot Northcoast
Just sunglasses. And a lot of them. It’s about time they made a floating thing that deploys, so when the glasses get to so many feet, poof, they come back up.

Capt. Mervyn Twilley
M/Y Shalimar
118-foot Benetti
I’ve lost my phone. It was in the pocket of my board shorts when I thought I’d jump in for a quick swim. Yeah.

Mate Shay Williams
M/Y Krisujen
126-foot Feadship
What haven’t I lost overboard? My Leatherman. The case wears out and you’re hanging upside down. It’s brutal, just devastating. And it’s always in a place like Maine with cold murky water. I’m not going in.

Stew Lucy Stevenson
M/Y Aurora Dignitatis
88-foot Feretti
We almost lost a seat in rough seas, but it didn’t end up going over. So just an iPhone. We recovered it but it didn’t work.

Chief Stew Julianne Hammond
With Westport
Oh yes, I lost myself. I once fell off my Hatteras. I knelt down to untie a fender and … Mind you, I had rigged it doing 18 knots. This was at the dock. I just fell in. A man on a balcony yelled out ‘man overboard’. The VHF didn’t fare too well, and my dignity suffered.

Mate Travis Ahlf
M/Y Miss Michelle
130-foot Westport
Our old engineer fell overboard four times. We have rails and he still went over. He was a slippery guy.

First Officer Werner Pauw
M/Y Madsummer
147-foot Feadship
Among the miscellaneous cleaning products and poles, a tender. And, of course, it happened at 2 in the morning. We retrieved it, with a little search and rescue mission.

Bosun Chris Fagan
M/Y Harbour Island
180-foot Newcastle
I lost a set of keys. They were on deck and we tacked, and I watched them slide right across and over. Now my keys have one of those inflatable things on them. I only made that mistake once.

Nic Wilson
M/Y Rochade
156-foot Delta
Some fish. And a cleaning brush once. I kept it quiet until we needed it again. Oh that? Yeah, that was me.


Deckhand Reece Hinchsliff
M/Y Laurel
240-foot Delta
“Lost a favorite pair of sunglasses. Local Coast Guard in Genoa doing drills tried to retrieve, but no luck.”

2nd Officer Danial Ducrot
M/Y Laurel
240-foot Delta
“I’ve lost radios and sunnies, usually with no luck retrieving. But I’m more careful now.”

Bosun Sean Fourie
M/Y Xilonen X
164-foot Christensen
“Lost a polishing bottle but it floated. I leave my equipment in the cabin.”

Chief engineer Craig Longstaff
M/Y Ingot
106-foot Burger
“A seat cover blew off at the dock, out of our reach. A woman across the way saved it, so we gave her a bottle of wine.”

2nd stew Farrah Macy
M/Y Ingot
153-foot Burger
“I lost my phone, very traumatic. Still haven’t replaced all the lost numbers yet.”

Deckhand Spencer Morrison
M/Y Sunrise
173-foot Oceanco
“We lost a piece of the plexiglass. The captain was very angry, especially since he’s my father.”

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