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Triton survey: Social media policies onboard yachts


Does your yacht have a policy about social media?
We thought with the prevalence of, Twitter and other online user-generated sites, that yachts might have formal rules for crew in regard to their lives onboard. So, we asked crew if their captain, yacht or employment contract has official, written rules about social media.

The Triton survey of crew at the show on Thursday found that the majority of respondents are expected to use common sense in such matters. Slightly fewer respondents work onboard yachts where such media is covered under the crew confidentiality agreement.

Part of the general confidentiality agreement 8
No rules/common sense 12


Mate/engineer Julie Wheaton
M/Y Gorgeous Gal
86-foot Azimut
Absolutely not, we don’t have a problem with that. We have a Facebook page for the owner and friends. Plus, our business is our business. We shouldn’t censor people, but people need to remember they are responsible for themselves.

Deckhand Mike Johnson
M/Y Namoh
125-Cheoy Lee
It’s not an issue so far. It will take someone to mess up first. I have heard of a few incidents, but not on our boat. No one has messed up yet.

Capt. Matt Lansdown
M/Y Diamond For Ever
118-foot Royal Husman
No policy, not at all. It’s all common sense. We just have a verbal discussion and are told to be confidential.

Crew/stew/masseuse Tammy Freeman
M/Y Battered Bull
171-foot Feadship
A lot of boats have rules about that, like no photos or boat names to be mentioned, but we don’t have a written rule. I learned my lesson a few boats ago.

Chief stew Zoe Nicolas
M/Y Battered Bull
171-foot Feadship
It is implied that you need to be careful with what you post. Just be sensible.

Deckhand Jennifer Hertweck
112-foot Crescent
M/Y 99 Problems
For now, it’s just verbal. We don’t have a policy, but I know that other captains check your facebook. It is highly recommended to be cautious. You can give a bad impression.

Chief engineer Terry Clarke
M/Y Zenji
183-foot Perini Navi
We don’t have a policy that I know of on this boat. But you really shouldn’t be putting stuff online about the boat.

Head stew Julia Lockhead
M/Y Lazy Z
169-foot Oceanco
We just know better. In the confidentiality clause it says not to discuss and don’t post information about the boat. If it’s just crew, not in uniform, it’s ok.

First Mate Josh Wattula
M/Y Sovereign
120-foot Broward
We have no written policy, but the captain doesn’t want to see you on devices or phones all day. You can’t talk about who is on charter, the standard privacy agreement.

Deckhand Jamie Miles
M/Y Golden Compass
151-foot Picchiotti
Nothing is written, but we use our best discretion.

Bosun Wynand DuPlooy
M/Y Golden Compass
151-foot Picchiotti
The captain hasn’t said anything yet. I’m sure he would if use it excessively.

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