Communications Improve in Antigua

Jan 6, 2013 by Guest Writer

Palma-based E3 Systems became the yacht liaison to Antigua’s new 4G LTE service as the charter show began in early December, making the island’s superfast Internet service available in one-month and six-month contracts.
The service, available up to 30 miles from shore, enables guests and crew on yachts to watch streaming live video with no buffering delays and watch multi-channel IPTV in HD as well as speed up response time for Internet uses and quicken downloads.
“It will improve the quality of communications for every type of yacht, owner, guest and crew,”
said Roger Horner, managing director of e3. “It is very fast, has massive data limits with no excess charges and covers all the main yachting locations.
“This is so far ahead of Europe it’s outrageous,” he said.
Antigua is the only island in the Caribbean with the service. Digicel launched it over the summer.
Digicel also is working with the Antiguan government in its GATE initiative, the Government Assisted Technology Endeavor to improve Internet access for school children and government services on the island. E3 has committed a percentage of each 4G LTE contract it signs to the GATE program. Before the charter show was over, E3 had already inked 20 contracts with yachts.