KVH upgrades VSAT

Jan 6, 2013 by Guest Writer

KVH Industries upgraded to the mini-VSAT broadband network to provide customers in Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa (EMEA) with a 60 percent increase in satellite capacity.
“Rapid growth of our customer base, which now includes well over 2,500 systems in the field, resulted in increased utilization of the network during peak periods in the EMEA region,” said Marc Edwards, KVH’s director of network operations. “We reconfigured our satellite coverage to more effectively serve this region with a single beam. At the same time we implemented VCSM, and the combination of changes increased our network capacity by 60 percent overall in the EMEA region.”
VCSM will be introduced throughout the remainder of the mini-VSAT Broadband network early in 2013.
The KVH mini-VSAT broadband network uses both C-band and Ku-band satellite capacity provided by commercial satellite operators, several of which have initiatives under way to provide additional satellite capacity over the world’s oceans.
For more information, visit www.kvh.com.