Networking Jan. 16 with JC’s Carpet Cleaning

Jan 15, 2013 by Guest Writer

The Triton is networking with JC’s Carpet Cleaning on January 16 in Ft. Lauderdale. Due to new year holidays, this will be the first event for January 2013. All yacht crew and industry professionals are welcome to join us at Lauderdale Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale.


Until then, learn more from owner John Curte.


Q. What is important to know about JC’s Carpet Cleaning?
I take great pride in what we do. Since 1999 we have cleaned somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 yachts. Captains and stewardesses are always commenting about the “low moisture” process I use, and they love our detailing. A good amount of the yachts I clean use us in New York and Florida.


Q. How did you start cleaning yachts?
Well, I was asked to come to Chelsea Piers in New York City to remove a stain. Soon after that I started getting recommended to other yachts in New York, N.J. and then the Hamptons on Long Island.
In a short time I was doing almost every yacht that came to the NY area. One day I was chatting with a captain and asked what he thought if I came to Florida for the winters. Now, this is my fifth year coming south. It was a slow start, but the last couple of years it started to work out. Now, about 70-percent of my business is yachts.


Q. You say you have a ‘green’ cleaning system, what does that mean?
Yes, my process and all detergents are “green seal approved”. We use 90-percent less water than steam cleaning, so using less, we are wasting less. That makes us environmentally friendly. Our detergents meet all the criteria as regulated by the green seal standards.


Q. What can you clean?
We specialize in the finest upholstered fabrics, cushions, drapery, leather, vinyl and wool carpets.


Q. How does your dry foam extraction system work? Does it use chemicals and leave residue or odor?
“The dry foam extraction system” is a special low moisture detergent mixed with air pressure to become a foam, its brushed into the carpet for a truly deep cleaning, but it doesn’t penetrate to the backing of a carpet, so it is extremely fast drying.
Low moisture equals fast drying. This system leaves behind the least amount of residue and whatever is left crystallizes. With one vacuuming its gone. Less residue equals longer lasting clean.


Q. Does a yacht need to be in Long Island for service?
We service New York in the summers and South Florida in the winters. And for the first time this year, came down the month of October for the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.


Q. What is different about cleaning a yacht?
Well, sometimes they need it done very quickly, especially if they are a chartering yacht. Mainly, just being extremely careful of the very expensive things onboard. Personally, I would much rather do a yacht than a home.


Q. Who will captains and crew work with?
They will always deal with me. I will go through the boat with them, explain the cleaning process, give a fair estimate and do all the work with my crew.

For more details contact John Curte at,, in New York, +1 516-361-7919  and Florida +1 954-892-9228, 1-888-921-FOAM.