What is your job during the show?

Feb 15, 2013 by Lucy Chabot Reed

One of the primary duties of yacht crew during a boat show – after keeping the yacht spotless, of course – is to take potential buyers and brokers around.

But we visited with a captain at the show yesterday who leaves the yacht after breakfast and comes back in late afternoon.

When it comes time for tours, he’s not around. He leaves to brokers the job of showing potential buyers around and answering their questions.

That struck us as unusual that he wouldn’t be expected to show the yacht since we see so many crew doing just that during boat shows.

So we wondered if other crew are relieved of the task of showing the yacht, so we asked What is your job during the show?

The No. 1 job, of course, is to keep the yacht spotless and 100 percent of the crew we asked said that’s what they do most of the time (or, in the case of captains, they make sure other crew keep the yacht looking its best).
And most of the female respondents said their job also includes making sure they themselves look nice.
So we followed that up by asking if they gave tours and answered questions or if that job was left to the brokers.
Turns out, it’s a bit of both.

Depending on the brokerage firm or builder, brokers tended to be more in charge of tours. In a few cases, crew were strictly forbidden from giving tours.

On other yachts, however, the crew – and captain, especially – were counted on to give the tours. Several admitted they know how to answer questions.

– Data compiled by Lucy Chabot Reed


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