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Bristol launches carbon fiber ladder


Connecticut-based Bristol Yacht Components has introduced the new Bristol Swim Ladder, which features a streamlined design, all-carbon fiber construction and a UV-resistant, clear-coat gloss finish.

Light enough to be deployed by one person, the ladders employ a single, center beam design that supports five platform steps and three hand rails. The center beam features a pentagonal cross-section that increases rigidity without adding material and weight.

The steps are shaped for comfort on bare feet and feature specially angled sides to prevent slipping. The top three steps incorporate additional hand-hold cut outs making it easier to reach the ladder and pull oneself out of the water.

“Like the our boarding stairs, the swim ladder blends state-of-the-art engineering and modern industrial design into an handsome, dependable system that is can be quickly deployed, or stowed, with minimal effort,” BYC President Todd Schenk said in a statement.

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