Harvey builds lodge in Galapagos

Mar 6, 2013 by Guest Writer

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts plans to build a 30-unit eco-lodge on San Cristobal, the easternmost island in the Galapagos archipelago, located 600 miles off Ecuador.

The Guy Harvey Outpost Lodge, Galapagos Islands is expected to open in early 2016.

“My lifelong dream to create a truly special tourism project in the Galapagos is becoming a reality with the involvement of Guy Harvey,” said Arturo Hidalgo Keyser, co-developer of the project with Jose Antonio Juez Jairala, both of whom are from Ecuador and Miami.

“The Outpost commitment to science and sustainable tourism will make this the first truly authentic eco-lodge experience in the Galapagos,” Jairala said.

While the lodge is under construction, Guy Harvey Outpost has raised its flag above the recently opened Iguana Crossing hotel on Isabella Island, about 100 miles to the west.

The 14-unit hotel sits beachside in the shadow of the Wolf Volcano in the settlement of
Puerto Villamil, with a population of 2,200. As the westernmost settlement in the Galapagos, its harbor is a popular stop for private yachts traveling to the southern Pacific.

Strictly regulated and limited by the Ecuadorian government, development is restricted to four islands. Cruise and dive live-aboard ships are limited to 100 passengers and visitation is restricted to 116 designated visitor sites, of which 54 are land and 62 are scuba/snorkel sites.

In keeping with its mission of supporting sustainable tourism, The Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts is working with the Galapagos parks department to develop a program to improve sustainable fishing skills of the island’s many artisanal fisherman, while simultaneously working with tourism officials to develop hospitality service training programs for aspiring recreational sportfishing and diving operators.