Lady Lola crew takes school supplies to Panama

Mar 12, 2013 by Guest Writer

This Valentine’s Day, the local school system in the greater Chiriqui region of Northwest Panama received a gift unlike the usual chocolates and flowers.

The 63m Oceanco M/Y Lady Lola transported 38 cubic feet of notebooks, pencils and general school supplies from Panama City to the Islas Secas Resort where the many boxes were dropped off for distribution.

Islas Secas is one of 16 volcanic islands about 25 miles south of mainland Panama. The supplies and about $4,000 collected donations will help children aged 5-13 in four schools, according to Judi Tucker at YachtAid Global (YAG), who coordinated this delivery. Most of the schools have about 300 students each.
“We received a wish list from the teachers and adapted the shopping list accordingly so as also to eliminate too many plastic items (like pens for the kids) as these always end up in the sea,” Tucker said.

The crew of Lady Lola were excited to help the children and bought about 10 percent more supplies to donate.

“We crew are so fortunate to have these great jobs with low expenses, steady income and the benefit of traveling the world,” Capt. Mac McDonald said. “It was so easy to give some hope to some kids out in the middle of nowhere.”

YAG is a non-profit based in the yachting industry, gathering donations of school and medical supplies to be delivered by yachts as they pass near needy communities and villages around the world.

M/Y Seawolf is signed up to transport another delivery in Panama this month.