SpotterRF gives military a demo

Mar 8, 2013 by Guest Writer

Utah-based SpotterRF was one of 15 industry partners selected to participate in a Department of Defense demonstration seeking cutting-edge technologies with high potential of improving the warfighter’s mission effectiveness and survivability.

The Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program conducted its first capability demonstration Jan. 14-27 for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va.

During the course of the demonstration several scenarios were run in which vessels ranging from a jet ski to an 11m RHIB traveled different paths into and around the harbor. The Spotter M600C was set up remotely on a tripod at the mouth of the harbor and communicated back to the Stiletto vessel one mile away via Silvias Radio. There, participants could view detections in real time on a map displaying the location, distance and speed of the target.

“The M600C was very effective at detecting all vessels coming in and out of the harbor,” said Brock Josephson, SpotterRF’s team leader for the demonstration. “The system even detected and tracked a drifting jet ski.”

The radar units come in four sizes, weigh 1.5 pounds each, use 8W of energy, and can communicate with Google Earth, RaptorX, Vidsys and other situational awareness software. They can be mounted on a yacht as easily as in a harbor, though for the best results, the yacht should be stationary. Training takes less than 30 minutes in the field. It can be managed by a PC, smart phone or tablet via Internet.

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