Triton Survey: Do you smoke?

Mar 21, 2013 by Guest Writer

Go to any crew hangout on a Saturday night and you’d think all yachties smoked. Yet when we asked crew at the show yesterday if they smoked, most said they didn’t.


We tried this survey at the Monaco show a couple years ago and learned that yacht crew are programmed to say they don’t smoke because they don’t smoke at work. So we asked about this very personal of habits in a different way.


We asked if the yacht had a policy about smoking. Most do, and it’s mostly against smoking completely. Smokers were no allowed to light up on the vessel, even on deck, even on a crossing.


Several crew pointed out that the yacht doesn’t make hiring decisions based on smoking; just one said the yacht did.


We’d hoped this would produce a more precise survey, but this exchange shows just how elusive that proved to be.
“There’s no smoking on the boat,” began the captain of a 100-foot yacht.


Even at anchor?
“They can smoke on deck, as long as they make sure the ashes don’t land on the yacht.”
So they can smoke on the yacht?


“Sometimes you can’t tell,” he said. “I had one guy who smoked and I didn’t know it for months. He carried a little bottle of Febreeze around with him.”


We’re giving up on this survey. I don’t think we’ll ever get the goods on crew and smoking.

Freelancer Tyler Payne
M/Y Obrigado
100-foot MCP Yachts
“I used to [smoke], but I gave it up. Who wants to hang around with a smoker if you don’t smoke?”

Lia Usilton
M/Y Sea Bowld
174-foot Oceanfast
“This is a non-smoking boat. We don’t like the smell. It’s been like that on every boat I’ve worked on. I see them [yachties who smoke] in bars, but not on my boat.”

Mate/Eng. Sebastien Lafaille
M/Y Star Sapphire
117-foot Bilgin
“There’s no policy but there’s no smoking onboard. When I’m on watch, I can smoke on the flybridge over the sink. A lot of European boats smoke, but there’s a different attitude here in North America.”

Mate Jacques Payne
M/Y Perseverance II
125-foot Oceanfast
“I can’t smoke on the boat, even on crossings. That’s when Nicorette works. I respect their rules.”


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