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Former crew recovers from being shot


Davey Duplessis, former yacht crew of MY Lohengrin, is recovering from being shot and robbed on Saturday while kayaking on the Amazon River.

The 24 year-old South African was reported to be in stable condition in a hospital in Lima, Peru, after being shot was shot three times by two men on Aug. 25, according to


Aug. 30,2012 update:

Duplessis’ father, Capt. Louis Duplessis of M/Y Andrea V, is at the hospital with his son, said the captain’s partner, Sue Gearan. Gearan is stew/mate on the 82-foot motor yacht that the couple works on.

A letter from Dupleisses father on Facebook stated that “X-rays showed that the schrapnel in David’s lung and heart will not need to be removed. The decision to remove the other schrapnel deep in his leg, arm, back and neck will also not be removed. The shallow ones in Davey’s back and face could be removed and will probably be done some time. A specialist also needs to determine if the one in his neck will do no harm.”

Also, the post stated, “Davey will remain in intensive care till Friday when the drip drain from his lung will be removed. This is what slows down the recovery as his lung still bleeds and has not yet healed completely.”

“We are looking for second opinions here in the U.S. to make everyone feel good about the decisions,” Gearan said.

“He may be in Peru for a couple weeks due to the fact that he might not be able to fly (airline policy) after all that his lungs have experienced,” Gearan wrote in an e-mail today. “This is still to be determined.”

The initial media report on quoted Duplessis” father as saying that the assailants set up an ambush and they shot Duplessis from the woods. The first shot knocked him from the kayak, the second hit him as he made for shore and the third when he reached shore.

Duplessis’ father was quoted as saying his son ran about three miles, despite internal bleeding and a neck wound.

The owner of the yacht, Andrea V, was integral to the medical treatment by translating the Spanish of the doctors to convey medical information for the family, Gearan said.

“Davey is a hard-working, good kid,” Gearan said. “He wouldn’t want the attention on himself, just his causes.”

“He does these adventures to promote awareness of what is happening in the world,” Gearan said. People can read more about his projects by visiting his blog, Gearan said.

She said updates are being posted on Facebook at “World Wonderer – The Amazon.”

“He has gotten help from friends and friends of friends online, one even met Louis at the airport,” Gearan said. “People are helping wherever they can.”

“This is what facebook is supposed to do,” Gearan said, “Not that you had a cup of tea today. This is how it should work.”


For the initial report, click here.

For a video report, click here.

And for updates, visit a facebook page about his adventures, World Wonderer-The Amazon and Davey Duplessis’ blog.

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