Two new anti-fouling coatings introduced

Apr 10, 2013 by Guest Writer

International Paint introduced Intercept 8000 LPP and Intersleek 1100SR, biocide-free slime release coatings. The coatings are designed to improve vessel operating performance, increase efficiency and help control fuel costs and emissions.

Intercept 8000 LPP is a biocidal linear polishing polymer antifouling with Lubyon technology for performance for in-service periods up to 90 months.

The polymer technology gives the coating a superhydrophilic surface in which the seawater has a lubricating effect, resulting in less friction for emissions savings of 5 percent annually. The coating surface swells on contact with seawater to reduce imperfections and further reduce drag. Designed for the deep sea market, the coating has been monitored on containers, tankers, bulk carriers and LNGs.

Intersleek 1100SR is biocide free fouling control coating featuring a slime release technology that combats micro fouling on ship hulls. Designed for commercial vessels traveling at all speeds, Intersleek 1100SR allows macro and micro fouling control with static resistance even in warm waters.