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Write to be heard: Random drug testing works


It’s great to see that The Triton is putting out a survey on drugs onboard yachts, especially now, with some of the main insurance underwriters asking concerned questions on this problem [“Crew see drugs in industry; not onboard,” page C1, March issue]. It is a major issue that has been swept under the carpet for too long.

Most of our vessels, large and small, have random drug testing. We like to use the drug-testing company Invenia Technologies, as they are versatile and can operate globally, which is a large benefit, especially when your vessel is sitting in St. Maarten or somewhere similar for weeks on end. It also has a 24-hour response service, which the insurance companies like to use should there be an incident onboard a yacht with a possible claim.

We find that with a random drug testing contract onboard, the drug issues have all but gone, as it works as a great deterrent. Also, we are able to apply for a reduced premium on the vessels’ insurance.

Graham Thomson, owner

MTS Yachts

Ft. Lauderdale

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