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Jun 4, 2013 by Lucy Chabot Reed

As yachts continue to sell and captains and crew continue to move around, we’re disappointed that we can’t publish all the news we know. Many times — and more recently than in years past — captains ask us to hold off on the news of their moving to a new vessel, at least until they are sure they plan to stay.

So here’s the news from captains who finally say it’s OK to spread the word.

Capt. Mark Diekmann has taken command of the 240-foot (73m) Delta M/Y Laurel. He’s stayed with his boss from his previous boat. Here’s hoping he enjoys the ride on the lovely Laurel.

Capt. Dave and Chief Stew Diane Johnson have left M/Y Kipany after 10 seasons to take command of the 124-foot Moonen M/Y Northlander. I had a lovely visit with them before they left Ft. Lauderdale for a summer in New England and they were excited to be getting back out on the water after spending the past six months in the shipyard.

We talked a lot about owners and expectations and professional behavior. And I must say, I haven’t seen them happier. Here’s to a fabulous summer to you and the whole crew of Northlander, seen above doing MOB drills with the rescue boat. (From left, Capt. Dave, Chief Stew Diane, Eng. Chris, 2nd Stew Courtney, Mate Taylor, and Chef Jared.)


Capt. Rusty Allen has joined the rotational captain crew of the M/Y Natita/Bad Girl fleet, beginning with a turn on M/Y Natita II, a 142-foot (43m) yacht built by Richmond Yachts. He’s also working on M/Y Honey Fitz, the former presidential yacht of John F. Kennedy.

Formerly of the 193-foot (59m) Feadship M/Y Calixe, Allen and several of her crew left earlier this year. They have all found work: the former second engineer is now on Natita II; the former chief engineer is chief on M/Y Natita, the 216-foot (66m) Oceanco; the former bosun is now first mate on a 125-foot Oceanfast; the second stew is now chief stew on M/Y Mystique.

Capt. Bill Boone, formerly of M/Y Highlander, has taken over on M/Y Calixe.


A little shout out to Capt. Martyn Walker of M/Y Pegasus V, who became an American citizen on April 19. His Facebook post from that day says it best.

“In 1975, my dad took the family on a trip to America. As a teenager, I could not believe my eyes at this new land that was a day away on a plane from all that I knew.

“I changed then, and for most of my adult life I have been embraced by America and her people. All my significant bosses have been American and all their wonderful guests American. Most of my long-time friends are American. In 1999, I was given the gift of a wonderful daughter who was born American and in 2004 met my wonderful wife who is American.

“Today I join them, no longer just a guest in their country, and I am humbled to be part now of the country that has let me live the American Dream. I am finally home in the country I have called home for so long.”

Welcome to the family, Martyn.

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