Microturbines enter yachting

Jun 12, 2013 by Guest Writer

California-based Capstone Turbine Corp., a manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has ordered 10 more of the ultra low-emission, diesel-fueled units for use in a marine auxiliary application. The order comes after completion of a year-long operation of a Capstone C30 aboard the 144-foot (44m) Royal Huisman S/Y Lethantia, making that yacht the first super yacht to run with a Capstone microturbine-powered generator.


The yacht’s owner, Siegfried Steiner, is CEO of German-based Microturbine Marine Energy (MME), which recently entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Capstone.


“This system provides responsible yacht owners sustainable energy without compromise to the comfort and enjoyment of the onboard experience,” Steiner said in a company statement. “There is absolutely no vibration, no exhaust noise, and no smell. It’s almost like operating continuously on batteries without the need for recharging. I feel I have finally come back to the simple pleasures and tranquility of sailing as it used to be.”


In late 2011, two Capstone C30 liquid natural gas (LNG) microturbines were installed by Dutch distributor Pon Power aboard a Type C Tanker and serve as the ship’s main electrical power supply.


Capstone’s newest order of microturbines includes two C65 units and eight C30 units. For more information, visit www.capstoneturbine.com.