Spain’s Port Tarraco ups power

Jun 5, 2013 by Guest Writer

Port Tarraco near Barcelona, one of the Mediterranean’s few marinas with a 9m draft, is upgrading its onshore power system to 6.6 kV, the system used by the newest and largest yachts.


The system is backed up with Port Tarraco’s existing 1,250 amps at 400 volts onshore power, letting Port Tarraco offer commercial and merchant marine standard power systems.


Yachts in the marina can operate using single cables connected to shore power rather than running on-board generators while in port. The indication is that in the near future there will be European directives requiring that yachts and merchant vessels in port use onshore power rather than generators.


The marina, located in the residential town of Tarragona, can accommodate up to 64 yachts between 30m and 160m. Its significance as a safe and deep water port is well documented. Tarragona is an ancient city that still has Roman ruins and historic buildings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Barcelona International Airport is 40 minutes away; Reus International Airport is 7 minutes away and can handle private jets.


Port Tarraco offers black and gray water discharge from each berth, fresh water connections, and storage areas.
Port Tarraco is owned by Qatari Diar and managed by Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92). Mourjan Marinas IGY handles sales and marketing. For more information, visit