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USCG OKs Bimini ferry


The Bimini Superfast Ferry received its initial certificate of compliance (ICOC) by the U.S. Coast Guard yesterday (July 15) and can begin taking passengers from the United States.

The 32,000-ton vessel can take 1,346 passengers. It can operate at 28 knots and make the trip to Bimini from Miami in about two-and-a-half hours.

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Following is the press release from the U.S. Coast Guard:

Coast Guard clears Bimini Superfast Ferry for operations

MIAMI – The Bimini Superfast Ferry received its Initial Certificate of Compliance (ICOC) by the U.S. Coast Guard Monday and is now cleared to embark passengers in U.S. ports of call.

The Coast Guard requires foreign flag passenger ships arriving in the United States to participate in the ICOC examination process. Specifically, ships that embark passengers for the first time or make an initial U.S. port call while carrying U.S. citizens as passengers.

The 32,000-ton vessel has passed its inspection of navigational, lifesaving, and firefighting equipment and crew proficiency with emergency procedures.

On 26 and 27 June 2013, the Coast Guard first inspected the Bimini Superfast Ferry in Miami.

As with any other commercial vessel or cruise ship vessel examination under Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the Coast Guard’s exam of the ferry focused on document checks, general structural fire protection, automatic sprinkler/water mist systems, fire pumps and hydrants, fixed fire detection systems, fire and water tight doors, engineering systems, emergency lighting, life saving appliances, pollution prevention, navigational safety and security. This was to ensure the vessel was maintaining these systems in proper operating conditions and that the Flag Administration had performed an annual survey. In addition, a fire and abandon ship drill was witnessed.

As a result of the Coast Guard inspection team’s initial findings, the ferry was issued a work list of items that needed to be corrected which included such items as providing proper operation of the emergency source of power, proving proper operation of the life boat release mechanisms, and demonstration of the crews overall proficiency to respond to an emergency situation. Since then the Coast Guard has worked closely with the ferry’s ownership to resolve the issues and, as of today, all items have been satisfactorily resolved.

“The Coast Guard is always involved in inspecting cruise ships and commercial vessels that call in U.S. ports to ensure compliance with safety standards,” said Cmdr. Janet Espino-Young, chief of inspections at Coast Guard Sector Miami. “It is important to note these discrepancies were discovered during our initial inspections prior to the ferry embarking any passengers and we worked thoroughly with the owners of the ferry to bring them up to the standard to safely embark passengers in the United States.”

“Safety of passengers and personnel onboard, and the protection of property, is a top priority of the U.S. Coast Guard,” said Capt. Austin Gould, Coast Guard Sector Miami Commander and Captain of the Port. “We are pleased that the 1,346-passenger ship is now in compliance having met all required safety standards to sail.”

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