A look at the ‘crew’ who landed the parts on ‘Below Decks’

Aug 1, 2013 by Guest Writer

All we know about the crew of “Below Deck” is what Bravo has on its Web site under crew bios. The show held auditions for its crew and chose not actors, but people with some experience with boats or yachting.

Despite some of the casted crew being named “captain” or “engineer”, the yacht’s real officers remained onboard to operate the vessel, though they aren’t included here among the cast.

Chief Stew Adrienne Gang is highlighted first among the crew as she has the most experience on yachts, though it doesn’t say how much. She also cooks for celebrity entertainers while they are on tour.

Capt. Aleks Taldykin is from California and got his first captain’s license at age 19, according to his bio, which calls him a “captain to the stars”.

Chef Ben Robinson also has worked on yachts, including “the largest sailing yacht in the world,” according to his online bio. His goal is to own his own restaurant.

C.J. Lebeau fills the post of second engineer in the show. He “discovered his passion for sailing while spending several months vacationing with friends after college,” his bio says. He studied business at the the University of San Diego and is an Eagle Scout, “but he has a rebellious side as well.” Also from California, he “likes to explore the nightlife while in port and tried hard not to get into too much trouble.” Apparently, he’s charming.

David Alanson Bradberry is gay. His online bio tells us this but doesn’t say what his onboard role is. He’s a former Marine and has been stationed around the world. He “was also afforded the opportunity to serve as security” for former presidents Clinton and the younger Bush.

Eddie Lucas grew up around boats on the Chesapeake and Massachusetts’ Buzzards Bay. Like Bradberry, his bio fails to explain his role on the yacht.  

Kat Held is a stew and her bio calls her a “jokester.” She began working on yachts after buying a book and reading about how to become a stew. It’s unclear how long she has worked on yachts, but her bio calls her “the life of the party.”

Samantha Orme is also a stew and worked on her parent’s charter boat growing up. She holds a college degree in industrial engineering, and her bio calls her an “alpha female.”