Antenna reaches hotspots

Aug 5, 2013 by Guest Writer

UK-based Digital Yacht has launched the WL450, a self-contained hi-power wi-fi antenna that allows boat owners to access the Internet through hotspots up to four miles away.

Launched at the Southampton Boatshow WHEN, the WL450 is housed in a 1m antenna and uses a modem and amplifier unit as well as a high gain omni-directional antenna to maximize range. Connection is via a network cable (10m supplied, 20m option) that, once plugged in, scans for available hotspots.

The unit incorporates its own DHCP server, so can be connected to a router to allow multiple devices including iPads, iPhones, MACs or PCs to connect to the system and share access to the hotspot. Users can control which wifi hotspot is in use through a password-protected web interface, which also allows network security settings and output power to be adjusted to optimize performance.

It features a standard 1-inch threaded base for easy mounting. CA Clase is the UK distributor for Digital Yacht.


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