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Cat launches hybrid system


Germany-based Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has introduced the Cat Powered Marine Hybrid System, a hybrid propulsion package applicable to all engine platforms.

Developed with electrical specialists Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), the package uses AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid marine propulsion system and provides fuel savings of up to 25 percent and even emissions reductions. A recent CARB study found a 73% reduction in PM, 50% reduction in NOx & 26% reduction in CO2. Significant improvements are also seen in performance, control and noise levels. The new Cat Powered Marine Hybrid System is currently available for order through the Cat Dealer network.

“As an organization with a large global footprint, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability,” said Tom Frake, Caterpillar Marine and Petroleum Power Division vice president. “At Caterpillar, we have made it a priority to leverage the technology and innovation that will minimize emissions and fuel consumption while optimizing the use of renewable resources.”

The hybrid system is being used in the global tug and salvage market. The RT Adriaan, a hybrid tug built by Kotug, features three Cat 3512 marine engines as well as the new hybrid system. Pleased with the performance, Kotug plans to install the system on two tugs under construction.

“We’re clearly experiencing better performance and fuel economy overall, and particularly at low load where we operate the majority of the time,” said Kotug COO Harrold van der Meer.

The system uses available components and operates diesel engines at peak efficiency, meaning vessels have the potential to increase operating efficiencies as well as meet environmental requirements. The system is customizable to specific customer specifications.

“Although the projects up to now have exclusively been in tug boats, we are confident that other applications, such as pleasure craft or offshore, will also find this an attractive proposition,” said Michael Braun, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems tug and salvage segment manager. “Essentially any vessel that sees duty cycle benefit would also benefit from a hybrid solution. For yacht applications, the hybrid system is able to help the vessel silently maneuver in and out of harbors.”

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