Pirates convicted of murder

Aug 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

Three Somali men were convicted on July 8 of piracy, kidnapping and murder in the 2011 shooting deaths of four Americans sailing in the Indian Ocean off of Oman, according to news reports.

The men boarded the 58-foot sloop S/Y Quest on Feb. 18, 2011, and took its owners and crew hostage. As the sailboat was being trailed by U.S. military forces, gunfire erupted and the four were killed. Navy SEALs subsequently raided the boat, killing two of the hostage-takers and capturing the rest.

Scott and Jean Adam of California owned the Quest. Their friends Phyllis Macay and Robert Riggle of Seattle were their crew.

The men were found guilty on all 26 counts in federal court. The sentencing phase of the trial was expected to begin in late July. They face the death penalty.