The San Diego International Boat Show

Aug 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

The San Diego International Boat Show in June held a captains briefing, featuring speakers from destinations including Mexico and Alaska as well as San Francisco as it prepares for the America’s Cup races, and information on customs requirements in each region and firearms and other regulations.

The captains and others in attendance were reminded that there is a waiver available from the Pacific Northwest Pilot Association for vessels under 750 tons. One speaker discussed crossing the Columbia River in Seattle to explore the interior of Washington as far up as Idaho.

The briefing was hosted and organized by the San Diego Super Yachts Association and included presentations from Dockmaster Dick Markie of Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico; Darren Carey of the IGY marina in Cabo San Lucas; Cris Wenthur of Wenthur Law Group; Capt. Mark Drewelow of the ship’s agent C2C; Kate Pearson of Shelter Island Marina; Rick Gladych of the Northwest Trades Association; Tonia Rioux of the Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kitty McGowan of the U.S. Superyacht Association and John Mann of Bluewater Books and Charts’ Superyacht Bridge Services.