MLC guide revised

Sep 24, 2013 by Guest Writer

Isle of Man-based yacht service and support company Döhle Yachts has updated its guide to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) to incorporate changes implemented in August.

The new 28-page guide contains a summary of the MLC (a 110-page document) and the latest information, guidance, interpretation and actions required by those involved in the running and management of superyachts

“Many people in the industry have tried to ignore the implications of the MLC, or have hoped that the regulations won’t apply to them,” Dohle Yachts Director Robert Tobin said. “We at Döhle Yachts, however, welcome the ratification and introduction of the MLC as a means of insuring standardization, and where required, the improvement of working conditions for those employed at sea.”

At the end of the guide, Döhle included some checklists that crew use as quick reference guides, including compliance requirements for yachts, MLC inspection requirements for commercial yachts, and garbage management for yachts.

The company published its first MLC guide in 2011 and distributed more than 5,000 electronic and print copies worldwide.

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