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New fire alarm panel handles more


The new Triton 8 Fire Alarm Panel from Sea-Fire is an addressable system enabling up to 256 detectors or manual call points. It offers a flexible configuration that can report not only smoke or fire, but identifies failures that can lead to fire such as insulation faults, short circuits or loop cable breakage.

The Triton 8 also provides measurement of any detectors that might malfunction due to clogging.

The Triton 8 bears DNV type approval, Wheelmark certification and ABS Design approval for use on class vessels. Each of the system’s eight loops has 32 configurable zones, creating the 256 monitoring points.

Three levels of user access are available: Level 1 provides any user with read-only access to data, audible alarm acknowledgement and test, and day/night lighting functions; Level 2 users with a code can reset fire or fault conditions, or trigger a prolonged voluntary system shutdown; Level 3 users with a code can create and modify the unit’s configuration, including adjustment of timers and setting passwords.

Baltimore-based Sea-Fire offers full engineering support and design services for its fire detection and fire suppression systems. The company makes automatic and manual/automatic fire suppression systems for areas from 25-17,500 cubic feet. It also carries sensors, control and display panels, engine shutdown systems and monitoring devices.

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