Reality’ show made me seasick

Sep 17, 2013 by Guest Writer

‘Reality’ show made me seasick

I happened across the TV show “Below Deck” the other night. I was sick to my stomach to see a totally asinine, sophomoric show that is extremely detrimental to our industry.

As a professional captain for over 20 years I have strived to help bring the level of ethics, professionalism, and overall reputation of crew to a level of respect of owners, brokers and ourselves to be on par with other professions.

If I had ever been associated with a yacht run like the one portrayed on this show there would not be one crew left. While there are times when crew may let their hair down a bit, walking through the yacht drinking, sleeping in the salon and overall abuse of the yacht is unacceptable in any captain’s view, and if a captain allows such behavior, I would hope that they would not remain captain long.

As a fleet captain with multiple yachts and many crew under my command, I train our captains and crew that respect of owners, yacht and other crew is of the utmost importance. We teach our crew that behavior like what is portrayed on this moronic show is grounds for immediate dismissal.

If I were an owner and saw this show, would I want to continue to be abused by a bunch of party crazy irresponsible people that I trust with my multimillion-dollar asset? Or worst, to trust them with the lives of myself, my family and my friends?

To all of the crew out there who know that this show is “just hollywood” and that real yachting is far more than a drunken trip through life with an occasional romp in bed with other crew, please help pass the word that this is not what real professional crew are. Hold your head up high, act like the professionals you are and try to help weed out the others.

To all the crew who want to act in this manner and see this show as reality, don’t bother to apply for a position with my organization. You would not last a single day.

To any owner who may read this, be assured that as professional, responsible crew, we are watching out for your best interest and will strive for the highest quality experience we can possibly deliver while keeping you and your assets safe and sound.

To see this show on primetime TV makes me sick.

Capt. Glen Allen