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Smokers versus non-smokers


What a great article on smoking [in Triton Today Palm Beach during the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March]. It was so interesting that you could not come to a conclusion during your survey.



Smokers vs. non-smokers is a huge social question that I personally have been struggling with all of my life. In the final analysis, a non-smoker is left to chose his friends among non-smokers only and bounce off smokers like the proverbial billiard ball, which comes as a shock to most smokers.



When a smoker joins a group with no smokers, the social dynamics change (for the worst); the group often breaks up and moves on.



Few smokers think of their butts as trash; certainly not their trash. I cannot count the times I have been in a pristine anchorage observing smokers flick butts into the sea. They may profess to be the savior of the eco-system, but they think nothing of lining the seabed with their butts.



Incidentally, pets on the yacht come into a similar category; they stink up the boat. I personally will not work on a yacht that has an animal on board. Gris for a future article?



To be brutally honest, which is politically incorrect in the social atmosphere of this epoch, both of these issues scream volumes about the psychological dependencies the offender. I have learned over the decades to give both groups a wide berth. This policy is tried and true, but it dramatically cuts into one’s social pool. If one adds obesity and spoiled children, one better get used to single-handing.



Capt. Gordon Reid

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