D-Marin marinas create programs

Oct 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

D-Marin Marinas Group, which has a network of 10 marinas in Turkey, Greece and Croatia, has combined the benefits of its three customer programs into D-Marin World.

D-Marin’s overall capacity reaches almost 9,000 berths, which makes it the largest

international chain of marinas in the regions.

After joining any of the annual customer programs — named Passenger, Explorer and

Conqueror — a yacht owner can take advantage of berthing options, advantages, and rewards. Other programs such as Plus 1, the D-Cat Club and the soon-to-be-launched Superyacht Freedom programs will offer seasonal benefits.

The Passenger program enables the customer with an annual berthing contract to visit other D-Marin marinas for up to 30 days without paying extra berthing fees.

The Explorer program lets the yacht create its own annual berthing package, securing a berth at multiple D-Marin marinas, choosing the duration at each marina.

The Conqueror program allows yachts to berth at D-Marin marinas any time, as long as the owner wants, with the highest priority, even without notice.

The Plus 1 program enables an owner to invite a friend to join D-Marin Marinas Group. If he signs an annual agreement, the proposer receives one month free berthing.

D-Marin World destinations are in Bodrum, Göcek and Didim in Turkey; Mandalina, Dalmacija and Borik in Croatia; and Flisvos Marina, Zea, Gouvia and Lefkas in Greece.

D-Marin is part of the Doğuş Group, one of the largest private-sector conglomerates in Turkey, with a portfolio of about 180 companies. It entered the marina industry in 2003.

The group is still acquiring marinas throughout the Mediterranean. For more information, visit www.d-marin.com.